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Never compromise on quality

Work with GRAMMY Award Winning sound engineers.

Whether you're looking for personalized engineering or high-quality digital instant mastering, Aftermaster provides some of the best-quality mastering in the industry. Sell your music confidently, knowing that each song was treated with the utmost attention to detail. See Aftermaster's full discography.

Professional & Instant Mastering

Choose from two top-quality services by Aftermaster Audio Labs

Instant Mastering

  • Cutting-edge technology developed by artists, producers, and sound engineers to instantly master your music to industry-standard
  • High quality, lossless masters available within seconds
  • Master your music the way you want it. Choose from "powerful," "radio ready," "bass enhanced," or "vocal enhanced" mastering for each of your songs
  • Get free previews of your masters before you pay anything
  • Per-release or unlimited mastering available, starting at $9.95 USD per track
  • Exclusive discounts for TuneCore artists

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Custom Engineering

  • Customized mastering for the unparalleled sound quality
  • Mastered and quality checked by some of the most prestigious sound engineers in the industry
  • Get your tracks mastered quickly - typically within 3 business days of file submission
  • Custom mastering services start at $75 USD per song
  • Exclusive rates for TuneCore artists

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World class engineers

Aftermaster's world class engineers work from a state-of-the-art mixing and mastering studio in Hollywood California.

Larry Ryckman

CEO & Founder

Shelly Yakus

Senior Engineer

Peter Doell

Senior Mastering Engineer

Ari Blitz

Senior Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Rodney Jerkins


Justin Timberlake

Owner & Artist

Andrew Wuepper

Senior Mixing Engineer

"Mastering is the final - and one of the most critical steps in taking a record across the finish line. A good mastering studio can not only correct for any anomalies/shortcomings in the mixing environment, but a great Mastering Engineer can help eek out the last drop of emotion in composition, or a performance! Anything worth doing is worth doing well - and if your music deserves to be heard, it should be heard in the very best presentation possible, which definitely includes being Mastered."

Peter Doell, Senior Mastering Engineer

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