Spotify Introduces “Artist Fundraising Pick”

April 22, 2020

As the music industry and the worldwide community of artists and songwriters cope with the scenario we’ve all collectively been thrust into around the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an increased focus around support, assistance and charitable funding for those in need.

Spotify, one of TuneCore’s digital streaming partners, has already committed contributions to MusiCares, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and World Health Organization (WHO); as well as established a $10 million matching fund through the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project.

This week, the streaming platform announced their newest Spotify for Artists feature: the Artist Fundraising Pick. It mirrors the traditional ‘Artist Pick’ feature which allows artists to highlight specific releases on their profiles, but instead showcases their preferred fundraising effort.

While there’s no doubt that some artists and members of the music industry are facing a tough road ahead during this pandemic, we’ve also seen an outpouring of support and mindfulness around charity and raising money for those in need within our artist community.

With Spotify’s Artist Fundraising Pick, artists can step up their efforts to help and give back in a truly meaningful way: fans around the world are streaming music on Spotify at a heightened rate, so it’s a great time for artists to raise awareness for fundraising platforms that matter to them.

Artists can also use this feature to raise money for themselves, their bands, or their staff/crew by choosing a link for Cash App, GoFundMe, and

You can read more about Spotify’s launch of Artist Fundraising Pick and their partnership with Cash App (who’s providing a $1 million release effort for artists) on their blog here.

For TuneCore Artists who want to claim and verify their Spotify for Artists account, we’ve recently granted instant access via their dashboard. For more information on the benefits of distributing music to Spotify and reaping the benefits of managing your Spotify for Artists profile, click here.

If you’ve already claimed your Spotify for Artists profile, you can get a jump on this today.

From Spotify:

Spotify for Artists admin users can select “Get started” on the banner at the top of their dashboard to submit their Fundraising Pick. The fundraising pick you select is up to you: You can fundraise for yourself, your crew, a charity partner — as long as it fits within our safety policy.

We salute Spotify for upping the ante and allowing artists to fundraise via their platform and provide care and comfort for those in need!

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