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Introducing TuneCore Rewards

March 15, 2021

For over a decade, TuneCore has been committed to providing independent musicians the tools they need to get their music out to the world, grow their fan base, and stay in control of their careers. We’re always looking for innovative ways to support our artists through best-in-class distribution services as well as educational content. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new, free educational program: TuneCore Rewards

TuneCore Rewards is everything you’ll ever need to know to make it as an independent artist. No matter how much music industry experience you have, there’s always more to learn when it comes to excelling in your music career. Not only is TuneCore Rewards an interactive way to sharpen your skills, but there are plenty of “rewarding” opportunities that you’ll be able to take advantage of along the way–completely free. 

Watch Master Classes

Once you log into your TuneCore account, you’ll receive instant access to your TuneCore Rewards dashboard and begin your first Master Class. Each class features artists and other industry experts who cover topics to help you in your music career, like release planning, music promotion, social media for musicians, and more. We guarantee that these Master Classes cover everything you need in order to succeed from start to finish!

As you get started, you’ll move up in the Rewards program by watching a series of videos featuring a variety of artists and industry experts and then complete a short test for each Master Class. Every time you pass a test, congratulations: you’ve earned your Master Class certificate! The more Master Classes you complete, the more points you’ll earn.

Earn Points and Get Rewards

In addition to Master Classes, there are even more ways to earn points with TuneCore Rewards. As you continue your career with TuneCore, whether it’s distributing a single or distributing your second album, you’ll earn additional points that allow you to unlock even more rewards. The more active you are as an artist, the more bonus points you’ll earn, and the more rewards you’ll get.

Take it to the Next Level

Unlock new episodes, get more rewards, attend exclusive VIP sessions, and more. Each level gains you access to more opportunities to work your way up through the Rewards program. You’ll go from a New Artist to Legend in no time!

Go further

Whether you want to sharpen your social media skills, master your promotion strategy, or learn how to collab with other creatives in the game, with TuneCore Rewards, you’ll have the opportunity to receive tailored advice from TuneCore artists to help you excel in your career. 

  • One-on-one VIP sessions on topics like Apple Music For Artists, Playlist Pitching, and more.
  • Opportunities to get more involved with TuneCore through our Brand Ambassador Program and Artist Submission Portal.
  • Exclusive priority access to our best-in-class services from our Artist Support Team. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, you’re on your way to receiving expert advice from music industry pros, gaining real insight from real artists, and completing Master Classes in all of the topics you need to succeed. And of course, get rewarded as you progress. Get started with TuneCore Rewards today! 

For more information, be sure to read our FAQ.

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