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By Stefanie Flamm The music industry may seem like it’s settling into its predictable lull, but songwriters and publishers worldwide are fighting harder than ever for a fair marketplace: The US Department of Justice rules in favor of licensing regulations that many songwriters and publishers see as “a clusterf—k of epic proportions.“ YouTube announces $2 […]

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We Find Your YouTube Composition Royalties. You Get the Money.

[Editors Note: This article is written by the TuneCore Music Publishing office.] As the world of digital content grows, the agreements between the societies and digital service providers around the globe also adapt. Sometimes faster than a drumbeat. That’s why artists, who want to collect all their potential songwriting royalties from YouTube, need someone on […]

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A Goal: Performance Royalty Accountability In 2012

Imagine a scenario in which the moment you create a piece of music, it is: digitally fingerprinted and registered (with the Library of Congress, and your PRO). Imagine then that when that music is used in a TV show, this usage is immediately detected, and the public performance fee you are owed is immediately transferred to your bank account.

Sound too good to be true? Well, the reality is that the technology for just such a scenario described above exists. Additionally, we clearly have motivated buyers and sellers to make this happen.

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