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Get your music on over 150 digital stores across 200 countries and territories around the world. Get daily sales trends for Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify, and keep all of the money you’re owed from sales and streams.

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  • Distribute to 150+ global digital stores
  • Keep 100% revenue from streaming and downloads
  • Spotify for Artists Verification
  • Dedicated artist support team ready to assist
  • Daily performance reporting
  • Access to exclusive opportunities with partners like Twitch & Tidal
  • Includes all Social Platforms and respective revenue split

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Keep All of Your Sales

TuneCore never takes a commission from your download and streaming earnings - what you earn is what gets put into your TuneCore account.

Expand Your Reach

Our store partners can expand your reach across over 100 countries worldwide. Make sure your music is available wherever your fans are listening.

Music Publishing Adminitration

From online streaming, to live performance, to film and TV placement, there are royalties you may not even realize you're owed from your original music. TuneCore has partnered with rights collection agencies around the globe to ensure that you're collecting what is owed to you. 

Fast & Trustworthy Artist Support

Our team of Content Review & Rights Specialists and Customer Care can assist you through every step of the distribution process in as little as one business day.

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Distribution Credits

Finishing up your latest album? Looking to save money with bulk distribution? Check out distribution credits - save up to 20% on distribution by buying multiple credits at once. Credits never expire so they’ll always be there when you’re ready to sell your next release.

Album Single Ringtone

1 Credit




5 Credits

$161.95 Save 10%

$53.95 Save 10%

$112.95 Save 10%

10 Credits

$316.95 Save 12%

$105.95 Save 10%

$212.95 Save 10%

20 Credits

$618.99 Save 14%

$206.99 Save 14%

$399.99 Save 20%

Distribution credits can only be used on new releases and cannot be used on renewals.